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The Procurement Service – Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PS-PhilGEPS) would like to present PIO, the blue owl, as the official animated representation of the organization (Official Mascot). PIO is an acronym for Procurement Information Officer.

The Owl is usually associated with wisdom. Its symbolic meaning deals with intelligence, brilliance, perspective, intuition, independence and power. The presence of the owl announces change.

On the other hand, the color blue is the color of trust, honesty, reliability and responsibility. This color also exhibits an inner security and confidence.

In consideration of these attributes, the blue owl will represent PS-PhilGEPS as an institution that promotes continuing improvements in its workflows and processes. It also connotes wisdom whereby government buyers are “wiser buyers” when they procure through the PS and consistently use the PhilGEPS to post their procurement information. The mascot also symbolizes an organization that is reliable and trustworthy.

The mascot supports the theme “MATALINONG MAMIMILI” or “wise buyer”.

The name PIO is catchy, simple and sounds ”pinoy”. PIO shall be your friendly procurement information officer (or owl for that matter), which will accompany all PS-PhilGEPS information collaterals in print and in its websites.

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