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The Special Bids and Awards Committee (SBAC) for the centralized procurement of motor vehicles together with the representatives from DBM - Systems Productivity and Improvement Bureau (SPIB) and Automobile Association Philippines as observers.

The wheels of strategic and smarter procurement is briskly moving forward.

The activities to implement Administrative Order No. 14 has begun as the Procurement Service, on May 29, 2019, conducted the Pre-bid Conference for Public Bidding No. 19-164-B.  The project is in fulfilment of the provisions of A.O. 14 on “Consolidating and Rationalizing the Rules on the Acquisition of Government Motor Vehicles, Adopting a Centralized System of Procurement Therefor, and for Other Purposes”.  The Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) likewise released issuances i.e. GPPB Resolution No 21-2018 and Budget Circular No. 2019-3 to implement A.O. 14.

SBAC answers queries from prospective bidders.

After reviewing statistics on the successful procurement of government agencies requirements for motor vehicles over a period of five years, in which it was noted that only 19% of projects were successfully completed, the Office of the President mandated that the acquisition of vehicles be made under a centralized procurement system through the Procurement Service of the DBM.  Acquisition will be guided by the principles of functional suitability, affordability, and practicability.

Prospective bidders from various vehicle companies.

To initially implement the Administrative Order, the Procurement Service, on March 15, 2019 called for the submission of the Supplemental APP-CSE for Motor Vehicles by agencies which have acquired the necessary budget confirmation or the approved authority to purchase vehicles from the DBM.  With the Supplemental APP-CSEs  received and approved authorities to purchase as basis, the PS called for the initial procurement of eleven types of motor vehicles, majority of which are  369 units of pick-ups, 114 units of passenger vans and 96 units of multi-purpose vehicles.   Details of the Terms of Reference of the public bidding may be viewed at

Observers from COA and DBM participated in the pre-bid conference for the centralized procurement of motor vehicles.

At the Pre-bid Conference, 29 car dealership companies attended together with observers from the Commission on Audit and Automobile Association Philippines.  The documents required and the technical specifications for each variant of vehicle being procured were discussed at the meeting.  The resulting contract for the public bidding will be a Framework Agreement or an option contract between the PS and the winning bidder/s.  The opening of bids is scheduled on June 13, 2019.

The PS continues to find ways to provide smart solutions to government procurement and the aggregation and procurement of the whole of government’s requirement for motor vehicles is just one of the directions it has taken to accomplish this objective.

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