We have noticed that some agencies have incorrectly uploaded their APP-CSE 2020 into a different agency account thereby resulting to inconsistency of data and unsuccessful uploading of their APP-CSE 2020.

To minimize this error, users must ensure that the documents to be uploaded are correctly reflected in the system. Below are the steps to validate if the user has correctly uploaded the APP-CSE 2020 to the appropriate organization:

1. Log in to the Virtual Store at www.philgeps.gov.ph

2. Upon login, click the Dashboard tab

3. Click the APP-CSE icon

4. Click the View Uploaded APP-CSE icon to be redirected to the Annual Procurement Plan Common Used Items page

5. From the Annual Procurement Plan Common Used Items page, the organization name of the agency will be displayed

6. User may now confirm and validate if the uploaded APP-CSE and the organization name are the same

Henceforth, users are advised to be more careful in the preparation and uploading of their APP-CSE 2020.

Please be guided accordingly.

We are pleased to inform you that the contracts for the procurement of the following motor vehicles have been awarded and said vehicles are now available for purchase.



To guide you in proceeding with your order for motor vehicles, as well as other vehicle types that shall become available in due course, below is the procedure:


Other vehicle typologies are scheduled for procurement within the next few weeks.

As provided by Sec 7.3.3(a) of the 2016 Revised IRR of RA No. 9184, the Department of Budget and Management - Procurement Service (PS) can be tapped by government agencies as a procurement agent to procure for their unique and non-common requirements.

More than the convenience of not having to undertake the procurement process and the considerable savings in time and resources when enlisting the services of PS as a procurement agent, agencies are assured that government money is well accounted for and that PS continues to be the government's top partner in providing smart procurement solutions.

Should you have further concerns, you may coordinate with Ms. Diadem Joy Baliling of the Marketing and Sales Division at telephone numbers 8-290-6300 or 8-290-6400, or for your queries, send an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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