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Welcome to the Procurement Service - PhilGEPS website!

The PS-PhilGEPS is mandated by law to operate a government-wide procurement system for common-use supplies and equipment for all government agencies, and to manage and operate the PhilGEPS. It is our vision that with the use of ICT we will become the purchaser of choice of government agencies by bringing value-added services to government procurement and ease of purchasing quality products through a fully integrated e-commerce and e-procurement system.

We at PS-PhilGEPS continuously push for innovations in our supply-chain and distribution systems, and strive to provide operational efficiency to ensure accessibility and convenience in government procurement.

It is also among our top priority to have a people-matter and growth-oriented organization that upholds accountability and proficiency in procurement rules and practices. In addition, you will notice that we try to have as much information in our website on the status of our biddings, quantities of goods purchased, buying and selling prices, projects in the pipeline, among others, in line with our desire to promote total transparency in public service.

It is our hope that client agencies, government buyers and partner merchants find the website useful and valuable in terms of information and content, and we welcome any suggestions from you.

Thank you.


Ms. Bingle B. Gutierrez
Executive Director V

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