In this age of digital transformation, the Procurement Service – Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM) recognizes the vital role of social media, along with other digital platforms, in connecting and engaging with a wider audience composed of the agency’s clientele, partner-merchants, the general public, and other stakeholders.

Led by the Communications Team under the Marketing and Sales Division of the Operations Group, initiatives to boost the digital presence of PS-DBM are made through consistent posting of content on the agency’s official social media accounts. Guided by content planning that is anchored on current market trends and account analytics, PS-DBM strategically promotes its products, services, operations, and other activities.

In an event organized by Facebook Philippines in November 2022 — titled Meta Government: Transform the way you connect with communities — experts in the field of digital media and technology emphasized that the online activities of organizations help establish reliability, trust, and confidence in their communication and information dissemination. When these are established, the intended messages are amplified. This paves the way towards building online communities that bring the real world closer together.

Aware of this, PS-DBM takes conscious effort to create and produce content that are authentic, informative, and timely in the form of public service announcements and advisories, product and service promotions, and other relevant procurement updates.

In relation, the PS-DBM Communications Team is launching its “Forward to Fifty” campaign ultimately aimed at gaining 50,000 followers on Facebook — the most-used social media networking site not only in the Philippines but in the world. As of writing, the official Facebook page of PS-DBM has over 49,000 followers.

Apart from Facebook, the agency has its official website, Twitter, and YouTube accounts which are also gaining traction respectively.

Having learned new insights from the Meta Government event — with topics in account security and safety; audience targeting; best practices in social media management; community guidelines, policies, and standards; live broadcasting; page optimization; and full utilization of platform tools, features, and functionalities — PS-DBM is determined to improve its reach and engagement online and get closer to its stakeholders.

For now, please follow us across all our existing online platforms: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | WEBSITE

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