We have noticed that some agencies have incorrectly uploaded their APP-CSE 2020 into a different agency account thereby resulting to inconsistency of data and unsuccessful uploading of their APP-CSE 2020.

To minimize this error, users must ensure that the documents to be uploaded are correctly reflected in the system. Below are the steps to validate if the user has correctly uploaded the APP-CSE 2020 to the appropriate organization:

1. Log in to the Virtual Store at www.philgeps.gov.ph

2. Upon login, click the Dashboard tab

3. Click the APP-CSE icon

4. Click the View Uploaded APP-CSE icon to be redirected to the Annual Procurement Plan Common Used Items page

5. From the Annual Procurement Plan Common Used Items page, the organization name of the agency will be displayed

6. User may now confirm and validate if the uploaded APP-CSE and the organization name are the same

Henceforth, users are advised to be more careful in the preparation and uploading of their APP-CSE 2020.

Please be guided accordingly.

The Procurement Service-PhilGEPS (PS-PhilGEPS) continuouslyprovides smart procurement solutions as it successfully delivered one (1) unit of Pickup vehicle to Radio Television Malacañang (RTVM) last 30 October 2019.

The unit was personally handed over to RTVM Executive Director Dennis Wilfred Pabalan by PS-PhiLGEPS Executive Director Elisa May Arboleda-Cuevas during a short ceremony.

RTVM received their requirements within 45 days from their placement of order. RTVM is ready to drive the new unit and start their mileage with a full gas tank, LTO Registration and comprehensive and Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance.


PS-PhilGEPS continues to partner with reliable goods and services providers to serve our client agencies as we advance the government’s thrust to reform procurement system to ensure efficient and economic use of taxpayers’ money.

Tap the PS-PhilGEPS as a procuring agent for motor vehicles to experience ease of procurement just like the RTVM.


Procure your motor vehicles by following below procedures:

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