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Executive Director Bingle B. Gutierrez opened the workshop on a high and positive note and she encouraged all the participants to learn from each other and especially from the guest speakers from the Government Procurement Policy Board-Technical Support Office (GPPB-TSO). Finally, ED Gutierrez also reminded everyone to enjoy the wonderful venue while learning.

Representatives from the different divisions and groups gave updates and the latest practices in their teams. Noteworthy, OIC-Dir. Flerida G. Arias of the Operations Group shared the new items that will be made available to PS-PhilGEPS Catalogue, namely: (1) various software and licenses, (2) Medium-term Information and Communications Technology Harmonization Initiative (MITHI) Project desktops and laptops, (3) IT Equipment and peripherals submitted by DICT, and (4) the Government Fares Agreement with Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

Guest speakers from the GPPB-TSO, Atty. Jerry Digo discussed procurement planning, monitoring and the respective roles of the stakeholders; while Atty. Dofel S. Ferrer, talked about the types and conditions of Alternative Methods of Procurement.

ED Gutierrez closed the workshop by reminding that everyone should establish good relationships with each other and build team spirit. ED Bingle also explained that since the responsibilities of the procurement members are risky, everyone should give each other a helping a hand. More teambuilding efforts will also be forthcoming at the PS-wide Assessment Activity in March.


Mr.Rommel Rivera of Contract Management Group

Atty. Dofel Ferrer of GPPB




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