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Advisory to all National Government Agencies, including State Universities and Colleges, Government Owned and/or Controlled Corporations, and Government Financial Institutions, and all other government institutions concerned on procedures on the procurement of motor vehicles through the Procurement Service.

This Advisory is being issued to provide the procedure for the approval process for requests to acquire government motor vehicles, in keeping with the principles of economy, efficiency, and checks and balances.

STEP 1: ORDER (Submission, Validation and Approval of Requirements)

a. Agencies shall prepare and accomplish their respective Agency Procurement Request (APR) as approved and signed by the agency’s Head of the Procuring Entity (HoPE) and MV Ordering Confirmation (MVOC) form which contains the Memorandum of Agreement. The MVOC shall indicate the following details:

· Name of Agency (for LTO registration purposes);

· the vehicle description/specifications to be procured;

· the quantity;

· the place of delivery of the motor vehicle/s;

· the authorized representative(s) of the requesting Agency and his/her contact number ande-mail address (for delivery, inspection, and acceptance purposes); and

· Terms and Conditions under the Memorandum of Agreement

The APR ad MVOC templates are downloadable at the DBM-PS website through (Also see Annexes “A” and “B”, respectively)

b. For validation, the Agency shall submit the duly accomplished APR and MVOC, and a copy of the Authority to Purchase Motor Vehicle (APMV) or Budget Confirmation Letter to the Marketing and Sales Division (MSD) of DBM-PS through any of the following:

· Personal submission at DBM-PS Office at Paco, Manila; or

· Courier:

TO : Marketing and Sales Division of DBM-PS

ADDRESS : RR Road, Cristobal St., Brgy. 662,Paco, Manila City, 1007

· E-mail

TO : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SUBJECT : [Name of Agency] MV Order Confirmation

The quantity, specifications and other details of the request shall be consistent with the submitted APP for Motor Vehicles and approved APMV or Budget Confirmation Letter.

c. For courier or e-mail submission, the Agency will receive an e-mail confirmation within the day of receipt of the request together with their log-in details (e.g. username, password) and instruction to order using the online facility for validation of DBM-PS.

For personal submission, the Agency will be immediately requested to order using the online facility for validation of DBM-PS. The PS Kiosk will be readily available for Agencies for this purpose. Below are the instructions on how to order online using the motor vehicle online ordering facility:

· Visit

· Under the “What We Sell” tab, click “Motor Vehicles”. The page will be redirected to the motor vehicle catalogue.

· To start the online purchase, click the “Click Here” button.

· Enter the assigned Username and Password. (Change the password upon first log-in then click “Save Changes”)

· The prompt message “Requirements for Ordering Motor Vehicle” will appear. Once read, tick “Close”.

· Select the motor vehicle/s to be purchased and click “View Items”.

· Page will be redirected to the Motor Vehicle Description and Amount. Enter the required quantity per documentary submissions. Once done, click “Add to Cart”. For procurement of multiple vehicles, select one vehicle type at a time and have these added to the cart.

· Go to “My Cart” and review order details before clicking the “Submit Order” button.

· Agency will receive a Motor Vehicle Confirmation Order Number.

· To monitor the status of your Order click “My Order”.

Status and definitions

On Process This means that the order is being processed
Pending Payment Agency must process the payment and submit proof e.g. scanned copy of Official Receipt, Deposit Slip or Advise Slip 
Payment Validation  Your payment is being verified and approved. 
For Delivery Purchase has been processed and is being coordinated with the Car Dealer for the delivery at the location indicated in your MVOC Form.


a. The Agency shall pay the full amount after validation and upon approval of the request by DBM-PS. Payment shall be made through:

· List of Due and Demandable Accounts Payable with Advice to Debit Account (LDDAP-ADA);

· LandBank Online-Collection (Oncoll); or

· PS Cashier (Check)

The prices of the motor vehicles as posted in the catalogue of DBM-PS website at are inclusive of all applicable fees such as, but not limited to, freight, registration and insurance costs.

b. The Agency shall submit the following proof of payment using their account in the online ordering facility.

Payment Method Proof of Payment
LDDAP-ADA Validated LDDAP advice
Oncoll Oncoll deposit slip
Check Official Receipt

c. After payment validation, the Agency will be informed of the processing and status of its order via email confirmation.

STEP 3: INSPECT (Delivery and Inspection)

a. The inspection sites shall be determined by DBM-PS in coordination with the Supplier. Authorized personnel of DBM-PS Inspection Division will conduct comprehensive motor vehicle inspections at the designated inspection sites.

b. The Agency may request for the copy of the DBM-PS inspection report for reference.

c. Upon completion of inspection, the Agency will be advised by DBM-PS through e-mail of the estimated delivery date of the motor vehicle/s together with the MV Inspection Checklist/Guidelines.

d. Based on the delivery details specified in the MVOC, the Supplier will directly coordinate through e-mail the details of delivery arrangements with the Agency.

e. The Agency is requested to confirm and revert to the Supplier within one (1) week from receipt of the email or other notice from the latter. In the event the Agency fails to confirm within the specified period, the Supplier may request assistance from DBM-PS for Agency coordination.

f. Upon delivery by the Supplier to the Agency, motor vehicle(s) shall be inspected and operated by their authorized representative, in accordance with the manufacturer’s testing standards.


a. If there are no issues after inspection, the Agency, through the authorized representative, shall manifest acceptance by accomplishing the following acceptance and delivery documents:

i. Delivery receipt detailing number and description of items received;

ii. Inspection and Acceptance Report; and

iii. Four (4) copies of the Invoice Receipt for Property

b. In addition, the Agency shall acknowledge and accept the following:

i. Official Receipt for the registration of the motor vehicle; and

ii. Certificate of Registration and, if available, the license plate of the motor vehicle under the name of the concerned Agency.

Registration of Motor Vehicles

The Supplier shall accomplish and shall be responsible for the initial registration of the procured motor vehicle(s) simultaneous to acceptance and delivery, which shall include the following:

a) Warranty: Three (3) years or 100,000 km whichever comes first;

b) Three (3) years LTO Registration (Red Plate);

c) Three (3) years Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance; and

d) One (1) year Comprehensive Insurance The Agency shall be responsible for the succeeding registrations.

The above shall be without prejudice to improved terms that may be secured by DBM-PS in accordance with law.


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