The Procurement Service (PS) and the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) is adopting a unified logo that will be utilized in its websites and all graphical representations like office, marketing and communication materials.

The PS is an attached agency under the Department of Budget and Management.  Created under Letter of Instructions No. 755 on October 18, 1978, it was mandated to establish an integrated procurement system for the national government and its instrumentalities.  Subsequent issuances by the Office of the President through the years further strengthened the PS mandate and prescribed its expansion through a network of regional depots.  PS is headed by an Executive Director IV and is the government’s central purchaser of commonly-used supplies, materials and equipment.  It also acts as Procurement Agent for other government agencies for non-commonly used and wide-ranging items - from textbooks, school furniture, drugs and medicines, agricultural equipment, softwares, consultancy and infra projects to vehicles and things as complex as combat gears, ammunitions and airport security equipment.  The PS logo is representative of the brick and mortar aspect of the business of government procurement as it operates the procurement and distribution of government’s diverse needs.

In 2000, the operation of a single, central electronic portal that shall serve as the definitive source of procurement information was added to the Procurement Service mandate via Executive Order No. 322.  The PhilGEPS started out as a project that facilitated online registration of suppliers and posting of government bid opportunities.  The PhilGEPS, operated and maintained by the Procurement Service, has a project management team headed by an Executive Director III.  Its logo represents e-Commerce and the values that guide government procurement by electronic means.         The PhilGEPS has evolved further as the central registry of all government merchants, the lone portal that hosts all information on government procurement utilized by both government procuring entities, merchants, oversight agencies, civil society organizations and multilateral development partners.  Most recently, it has facilitated the electronic submission of bids.   The modernization of PhilGEPS to further enhance current features and institute more procurement tools is ongoing with the vision of making it a total provider of government eProcurement solutions.

In the unified logo, both PS and PhilGEPS logos are encased in a ring of blue and red. A ring is an unbroken circle and a source of unity and common causes for many cultures.  The PS and PhilGEPS are united in their quest for provision of excellent public service in the area of procurement.  Both offices are likewise committed to pushing for reforms and innovation in public procurement functions.  Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is associated with depth and stability.  These values will characterize the organization and its personnel – proficient in procurement rules and practice and steadfast in its commitment to public service, fair competition, transparency, and efficiency.  Red is a color which generally encourages people to take action. It is also a warm and positive color.  The characteristics of red typifies PS and PhilGEPS as it always strives to improve service delivery and, in the same way, is passionate in consistently supporting integrity in public service and good governance.

The unified logo symbolizes the PS and the PhilGEPS’ integrated task to become the country’s “Purchaser of Choice” as there will now a combination of information technology and digitization with traditional procurement efficiencies that will result into a seamless process.   Over the years, it will strive to truly become a fully integrated E-Commerce enterprise able to deliver to clients anywhere and in time in an efficient and continuous manner hence, supporting the new logo’s infinity symbol.


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