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In relation to PhilGEPS Advisory No. 6, all Procuring Entities with posted procurement opportunities in the temporary PhilGEPS posting tool ( during the period of September 3 - 28, 2020 are hereby advised to post the notice of award in the same posting tool.

The Notice of Award shall be posted to include the following award details:
- Bid ID*
- Procuring Entity*                                 - Agency Link/Document Link
- Contact Person*                                  - Publish date
- Title*                                                    - Awardee
- Procurement Mode*                            - Contract Amount 
- Business Category*                             - Award Date
- Approved Budget for the Contract*
*will be auto-populated based on the created bid notice

The procedure for posting of awarded contracts is accessible through the Download Menu or users may click on the link below to download:
User Guide on Creating Award Notice

Please take note that once the award has been posted, the notice can no longer be edited or deleted. Kindly ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information before posting the award notice.

Procuring Entities are also advised to post the result/s of a bid - Bid Postponement, Bid Cancellation, Bid Failure, for procurement opportunities advertised in the temporary posting tool from September 3 - 28 in their respective Agency websites, if available, and at any conspicuous places in the premises of the Procuring Entity in accordance with the provisions of the IRR of RA 9184.

Starting 29 September 2020, all procurement opportunities shall be posted by the Procuring Entities in the PhilGEPS 1.5 portal. Kindly use your respective userid and password to login. Users may visit this page for guidance on how to post bid opportunities and awarded contracts in PhilGEPS 1.5.

Merchants are also advised to visit the following sites for the posted procurement opportunities:
Temporary Posting Tool - posted opportunities from September 3 - 28, 2020
PhilGEPS 1.5 - posted opportunities from 29 September 2020 onwards

We thank you everyone for your support and patience. Please be assured that we are doing our utmost to continually improve our services especially during these times.


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