In commemoration of the Home Safety Month 2021, the Procurement Service - Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM) highlights the availability of various common – use supply and equipment in support of efforts to propagate safety consciousness in every household.

This commemoration forms part of the annual celebration of the Safety and Accident Prevention Year which specifies a positive preventive approach to problems in various fields each month of the year. .

For its part, the PS-DBM encourages safety in the homes of its stakeholders by inculcating best practices in keeping our workplace, including the areas of visiting client-agencies, safe through proper cleaning.

Promoting these items is a testament that PS-DBM recognizes the important contributions of keeping our personal spaces clear of any clutter and safe from any possible hazard for the betterment of the performance of our duties and ultimately the welfare and safety of our colleagues and our families.

The PS-DBM Main clientele must procure via the Virtual Store. Government employees can purchase from the Retail Store. Agencies outside of NCR may inquire to the nearest depot office in your regional area.

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