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The PS-PHILGEPS recently concluded an exchange programme with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment-Government Procurement (MBIE-GP) of New Zealand. The MBIE-GP was represented by Ms. Laura Cendak while the PS-PhilGEPS was represented by Ms. Rosalyn Joan Pascual.

During her stay with the PS-PhilGEPS, Ms. Cendak was able to visit regional depots and sub-depots in Legazpi City, Bacolod City, Pampanga, and Palawan. She also met with procurement experts from different agencies as well as share their procurement best practices with the Government Procurement Policy Board – Technical Working Group (GPPB-TWG).


Ms. Laura Cendak with the Procurement Team Experts from the GPPB-TSO and PS-PhilGEPS. (From left to right: Exec. Dir. Dennis C. Santiago, Rosalinda V. Dapito, Ms. Laura Aguero Cendak, Exec. Dir. Rosa Maria M. Clemente, & Exec. Dir. Jose Tomas C. Syquia)


Ms. Cendak with the GPPB-TWG.


Visit to the Regional Depot in Legazpi City.


Visit to the Regional Depot in Bacolod City.


Visit to the Regional Depot in Pampanga.


Visit to the Regional Depot in Palawan.


Ms. Cendak with PS-PhilGEPS Officials. (Top from left to right: Atty. Vhincent Cañares, Ms. Dalisay Conrina Dela Chica, Mr. Sixto Antonio Jr., Mr. Ariel Cunanan, Ms. Teresita Dela Cruz, Ms. Rosana Yambao. Bottom from left to right: Engr. Julieta Lozano, Ms. Etrellita Fulle, Ms. Flerida Arias, Exec. Dir. Rosa Maria CM. Clemente, Ms. Laura Cendak, Exec. Dir. Jose Tomas C. Syquia, Mr. Rommel Rivera, Ms. Rosalinda Dapito, Mr. Joele H. Eayte)


In the article entitled “Philippines procurement exchange a great success” which was published in the InSight Market Service Group Newsletter (Issue 28) on November 2015, Ms. Cendak shared her thoughts on the program. “This type of exchange allowed me to better understand the challenges that corruption and poor governance present in procurement. New Zealand has a reputation of having one the least corrupt public sectors in the world. However, Transparency International New Zealand lists complacency and lack of awareness as risk factors for fraud and corruption. Hence, there is an opportunity to learn from other countries how to raise awareness and capability around preventing and detecting fraud – which relates directly to NZGP’s goal of working with government agencies to drive best practice procurement and lift performance,” she said.

She further added that there is plenty to learn from the Philippines at an operational level, “They have a three year Information Systems Strategic Plan by which they will standardise and strengthen their procurement processes and procedures – including frontline services (orders, online shopping) and back services (inventory, warehousing, logistics and financial management). NZGP does not do the ordering, warehousing and distribution of common supplies under our All-of-Government contracts. These are done by our suppliers. However, the Procurement Service’s Information Systems Strategic Plan in The Philippines also involves the modernization of their (which is very similar to our NZ Government Electronic Tender service and its integration with other IT systems. This is something that our team is just now starting to look at.”

Meanwhile PS-PhilGEPS was represented by Ms. Rosalyn Joan Pascual. According to Ms. Pascual, in a month stay, she was able to learn how procurement is done in another country, which gave her a better perspective on how to approach problems and issues. She said that the Philippines and NZ may differ in context but they both have the same goal of having the best value for money for the government and its citizens.

Furthermore, she is currently cascading the learnings she had in NZ with the PS-PhilGEPS officials and staff. These are as follows: (a) to focus on moving from traditional to strategic procurement; (b) to have a more collaborative environment in the work place; and (c) to introduce changes on the planning, contract review and reporting processes.


Ms. Laura Cendak, Mr. John Ivil, and Ms. Rosalyn Joan Pascual at the MBIE.


Afternoon Tea with the Filipinos working in MBIE and other NZ Gov't. Agency.

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