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In accordance with Section 25 of the 2016 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9184, the PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration is included in the submission of the technical component of the bid for the procurement of goods and infrastructure projects:

“PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration and membership in accordance with Section 8.5.2 of this IRR, except for foreign bidders participating in the procurement by a Philippine Foreign Service Office or Post, which shall submit their eligibility documents under Section 23.1 of this IRR: Provided, That the winning bidder shall register with the PhilGEPS in accordance with Section 37.1.4 of this IRR.”

Prospective bidders need to secure and present the valid PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration to the procuring entities for all procurement conducted through Public Bidding, Limited Source, and Negotiated Procurement – Two failed Biddings, as stated in RA 9184.

Inasmuch as the processing of the Platinum Membership rely on the access to the system, the PhilGEPS now allows merchants to pay the fee of P5,000.00 upon submission of complete and updated requirements at our office in Ortigas, for convenience and as opposed to asking at a later time to go to the Landbank of the Philippines or return to the PhilGEPS office to pay.

However, the issuance of an official receipt by the PhilGEPS is not equivalent to the issuance of the certificate. Merchants will still need to wait for their requirements to be uploaded in the system before they can get a copy of their certificate. In no case should the official receipt, or any other document or email notification, be submitted to procuring entities in lieu of the certificate.

Moreover, several advisories have been issued regarding the submission of a PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration (Platinum Membership) which may be viewed here:,

Please be guided accordingly.

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