The Procurement Service-PhilGEPS (PS-PhilGEPS) will soft launch and implement use of its Retail Store starting Monday, June 1, 2015.

The Retail Store will cater to procurement of small quantities of commonly used office supplies and equipment (CSE). As opposed to Big Box purchases which will be catered by the PS-PhilGEPS’ main warehouses, government buyers of small value CSEs no longer have to fall in line with bulk buyers to be serviced and get their purchases. (For an earlier article on the Retail Store click this link: The Procurement Service is Pilot Testing a Retail Store and New Ordering System)

Related to this, the PS-PhilGEPS will also be implementing use of the new electronic Agency Procurement Request (APR) forms. The APR Form 01 (click link for downloading the APR Form 01 and User Guide) for the procurement of CSEs in retail and in big box from its Main Office in Paco, Manila where the Retail Store is initially being implemented.

Purchase of CSEs from the PS Depots and Sub-Depots, and orders of Consumables & Non-CSEs from the PS Main Office must be made utilizing the APR Form 02 (click link for downloading APR Form 02). 

Focus Group Discussions with government procuring entities are regularly being held at the PS-PhilGEPS Paco Office to inform agencies about the new ordering system and other concerns such as submission of the Annual Procurement Plan for CSEs, use of the new eAPR form, returns and refunds policies and matters about agencies’ fund balances with the PS. Agencies that wish to join the FGDs may communicate by sending an email to the Business Affairs Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling the staff in charge at 640-6900 locals 8401 and 8402. Queries and concerns about the new ordering system may also be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and agencies may also call the PS Agency Servicing Division at 689-7750 local 401.

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