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The Procurement Service (PS) is the single biggest buyer of office supplies and materials in the country. As an office attached to the Department of Budget and Management, it is tasked with the central procurement of commonly used supplies and materials required by all national government agencies, GOCCs, state universities and colleges and local government units.

PS extends its invitation for more suppliers to participate in bid opportunities for procurement of paper, office stationery, janitorial supplies, IT equipment and supplies, etc. The PS currently buys 172 items like cut-size paper, envelopes, folders, electrical and computer supplies, office filing aids, office devices, equipment and janitorial supplies. The complete list of items that the PS is currently buying, together with the technical specifications and the most recent buying price and quantity bought, can be viewed by clicking the “What We Buy” tab at the Procurement Service website ( The website also allows Suppliers to view and monitor the procurement projects being conducted by the PS by clicking the “Bids and Awards” tab.

PS likewise invites suppliers to propose additions to the list and introduce more products that may be commonly required by all government agencies. The Procurement Service maintains warehouses in Paco, Manila and in Quezon City and in 24 depots situated all over the country. In 2014, it bought 2.15 Billion worth of office goods and sold Php2.3 Billion of the same to its client agencies.

To give prospective suppliers an idea of the bulk and volume of supplies that is procured by the PS, the agency bought the following in calendar year 2014:

• 107,900 pieces of Calculator worth P105 million

• 791,612 pieces of Alcohol worth P28.3 million

• 119,200 pieces of Broom Stick worth P2.7 million

• 2,554,812 reams of various types of paper worth P287.5 million

• 184,634 packs of various types of envelope worth P37.3 million

For 2014, there were Merchants that directly dealt with the PS-PhilGEPS to supply the aggregated requirements of the government. Some of these Merchants are Armak Tape Corporation, Van Hawk Paper Philippines, Inc., Files Systems Manufacturing & Supply Corporation, Quanta Concordsky Institutional Corporation, Consolidated Paper Products, Inc. Comark International Corporation and Philusa Corporation.

The Procurement Service, as a matter of policy, promptly processes payments to suppliers at an average of five working days upon submission of complete requirements for payment like invoices and inspection and acceptance reports.

Suppliers are encouraged to register in the PhilGEPS ( in order to view online the bid opportunities posted by the Procurement Service. PS conducts procurement activities in accordance with competitive bidding rules prescribed by R.A. 9184. For more information on doing business with the Procurement Service, manufacturers, distributors and merchants may call the PS Purchasing Division at 563-9402 or 561-6098 or the Business Affairs Division at telephone number 640-6900 locals 8400 to 8402.

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